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Provide us with a product ($20+) and link to your website, and we’ll run a 30-day mannafy giveaway.

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Managing a giveaway or sweepstakes should be easy — and with mannafy, it is!

We launch and run your giveaway on our app, giving your product exposure to our 13k+ users and subscribers, and blasting you across our social media accounts to another 90,000+ followers.

All we need from you is the prize you’re giving away and the link you want shared. Optionally, you can provide a discount code for us to send to our audience after the giveaway ends.

Here’s how partnering on a giveaway with mannafy works:

  1. You provide a prize for a giveaway (consumer product).
  2. We create the promotional material and launch the giveaway on our app.
  3. At the end of the giveaway we send you the winner’s details.

What’s the bare minimum you get working with mannafy?

  1. Custom-made giveaway images.
  2. Your product listed on our app as a giveaway for 30 days
  3. One shout out to our social media audience of 90,000+
  4. A permanent link to your website from our “winner’s circle” page
  5. The good vibes that come from making a random winner’s day!

This is the easiest way to promote your product or shop. Give us a try — we promise to impress!

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